Siberian Catholic Newspaper

Siberian Catholic Newspaper is an issue, oriented towards a wide variety of readers; various groups of faithfuls (parishioners of elder ages, children, youths, parish activists; people, searching for their personal vocation; people, striving for deepening their spirituality, and those who want to enrich their store of theological knowledge as well) may find something interesting and useful in it.

The contents of the issue sufficiently represents Catholic Church’s position, achievements of its theological thought, events, occurring in it’s bosom (both in the world and in Russia), that’s why it might be useful for church members of other confessions, and also for everybody who takes an interest in a current situation of Catholicism in Russia.

Major part of the materials belongs to authors living and working in Russia at the present day. We tell our readers about the parishes of the Diocese of Transfiguration, about priests who work here, about nuns and outstanding laymen, about the activities of church organizations. We publish memoirs of catholic priests from Russia who left their trace in its recent history and contributed to its revival, and also living evidences of Russian Catholics of the present epoch, interviews with interesting people, and comments on urgent topics. Furthermore, SCN carries popularizing and educational functions in the fields of catechetic, theology and Catholic Church’s history, including the history of its presence in Siberian region. In XX century Church in Russia went through a hard period of ordeals and persecution, and the recollections of those times find their place on the pages of our newspaper.

The most interesting materials about the life of Church in Siberia are published in both Russian and English languages.

Read our news in English: Catholic Church in Russia.

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